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Why You Should Immunize Your Baby

Children are very fragile in their early years. They are prone to illnesses, and they, therefore, need constant monitoring. There are so many diseases to which kids at a tender age are exposed. One of the best ways to protect your children from such illnesses is by immunizing them. The following are some points on the importance of immunizing your baby:

Immunization can save lives
Due to the advancements made in the field of medicine, it is possible to protect one’s children from some diseases Immunization 01even before the fall sick. There are so many diseases, for instance, smallpox, which have in the past been known to kill thousands of children that are extinct or near extinction today. This has been done through immunization.

Immunizations are very safe and truly effective
Immunizations, when performed by a qualified medical doctor, are usually very safe and effective. For normal cases, immunization should only cause a little pain and soreness in the part that was injected. It is nothing compared to the pain and discomfort that your child may experience when they get sick, not to mention your agony when you watch your child suffer.

Immunizations protect those around you
Immunization not only protects your child but also those around them. This is especially in the case of contagious diseases like Whooping Cough. It is important to note that there are those children that cannot be vaccinated due to various conditions like leukemia and allergies. It is, therefore, best to vaccinate your child so that they do not get sick and infect the others. In some cases, the child may also infect you.

Immunization 02It saves time and money
A vaccination goes a long way in saving a family both money and time. A vaccine is quite an easy and cheap exercise. All that one requires is to take the child to the hospital, pay some little fee and have them immunized. Some of these fees are covered by the medical plan that one has so you might not be required to pay anything. It cannot be compared to the much time and resources that are spent when treating a child.

These are some of the benefits of immunizations. There are many others. It is, therefore, important as a parent to ensure that your child is vaccinated as it may go a long way in ensuring that their health is preserved and that they are safe.

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