Top 5: How difficult can it be to sleep ridiculously well?

One of the clear differences between childhood and adulthood is the sleep factor. Children tend to sleep more compared to adults. Stuff happens when one grows up. Days get longer and nights get shorter because of the number of things that one has to do in day’s work. With all these in play, it’s hard to imagine why one can’t sleep like a baby at the end of the day.

Below are top five reasons why a good night sleep is increasingly becoming a Holy Grail – the most sought after commodity in the world.

5. Eating habits

hgdgdd4The foods you eat affect your sleep pattern. Heavy meals should, for example, be taken three hours to bedtime. Carbohydrates and protein rich foods increase sugar levels and this releases bouts of energy that make you want to stay up late. Some foods may cause stomach gas, leading to abdominal pains and other forms of discomfort which make it difficult for you to sleep well while there are those that take aware the sleep effect by changing your body’s chemistry.

4. Late workout

Physical exercise stimulates the body and awakens the brain. Workouts push up your adrenaline in ways that increase focus and thwarts the urge to sleep. It’s therefore commendable to take on your workout schedule at least four-to-six hours before sleep time. Experts note that morning workouts help one to cultivate healthier sleep-wake cycle which is essential for superior productivity.

3. Homework

Some schools discourage homework because they interfere with children’s ability to sleep ridiculously well. Carrying your office work home isn’t subsequently a good idea on your part as well. Solving work-related problems from your study desk at home can easily develop into a habit that you may find difficult to knock off. The urge to carry office work home get stronger with time, and you get to sleep less with each passing day because your coffee intake goes up and affects your regular sleep pattern.

2. Pain

Pain and sleep don’t mix. People with health conditions that are associated with pain know this for a fact. Excruciating pain transcends even the heaviest of sleep or chops it into bits which can bring about sleeping disorders. Pain related sleepless nights are the cause early aging, hence explaining why people who have been chronically ill for a while usually appear older than their age.

1. Poor sleep quarters

hgdghdd64A stuffy room, a creaky bed, and an uncomfortable mattress aren’t the best recipe for a good night sleep. Your sleeping quarters should be free of dust. It should be well aerated. Select a warm paint color or wallpaper. Invest in high-end toppers, a memory mattress, pillows, and comforters. You can see them at Sleep Ridiculously Well.

The bedroom has to have a sweet welcoming aroma which you can get from exotic spices and air freshener cans with timers. This is one part of the room that should be cleaned regularly. Avoid having noisy gadgets in the room and have books instead of computers and TV sets as they are likely to tire you faster and induce the natural mode that you need to sleep ridiculously well.